Tourism in the Champagne

The discovery of the region and the champagne, at the Portes de la Champagne, in the Marne valley in the Aisne du Sud can be prepared the easiest on All your hikes await you on or
We love the Surmelin valley, the villages of the Valleys in Champagne, its vineyards, fields and forests.

There is more than champagne … The Aisne du Sud is a perfect region for hiking, cycling, car or motorbike tours, for culture, heritage and memory. Do you want to discover everything? This is where you have to come !

Les portes de la champagne


The gates of Champagne are home to hundreds of vineyards and winegrowers, as well as hectares of forests and fields. The Surmelin and Marne valley are home to grapes as well as livestock and other crops. Where it used to be an area of orchards, you can still find a few isolated apple orchards today. Sunflowers, rapeseed and sometimes flax decorate the different fields at different seasons.


The many Romanesque churches, the various castles, from the Middle Ages and later, the market halls, the lavoirs and the picturesque villages bear witness to a rich past.
It is also the native region of the French writer Jean de la Fontaine.


During the First World War, the region around Château-Thierry was the ultimate front line on the Marne, where fierce fighting left many victims. Eventually the war was settled in this region. The French – American war memorial and the forest of Belleau remind us of this. There are also remarkable sites near Coucy or Fère-en-Tardénois.

Vallées en Champagne

Vallées-en-Champagne, 3 wine-growing villages in the south of the Aisne, where vines of the AOC Champagne are planted. We invite you to stroll there to discover its villages and hamlets, its paths bordered by fields, woods or meadows which will lead you from one valley to another.
Do not forget to discover the local architecture, its washhouses and take the time to look at the wide and welcoming landscapes.



Le lavoir de Baulne-en-Brie


Le Surmelin, tranquille

Le Surmelin déborde